Saskatchewan Halts Major Water Drainage Project Following Legal Challenge by Pasqua First Nation

January 25, 2018

Pasqua First Nation (“PFN”) is celebrating a recent decision by the Quill Lakes Watershed Association No. 14 (“QLWA”) to halt a proposed water diversion project that would have had potentially adverse effects on its aboriginal and treaty rights.

PFN had commenced a judicial review application in the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench to quash a decision of the Minister of Environment to exempt QLWA’s proposed project from an environmental impact assessment. PFN maintains that the project would directly affect its constitutionally-protected aboriginal and treaty rights, and the Minister failed to consult PFN before making the decision.

Although the project is no longer going forward, many issues remain outstanding. As the Minister has not advised of the government’s position on the withdrawal, PFN seeks assurance that all similar prospective projects will undergo a full environmental assessment and that proper consultation will be conducted.

Please see the following January 25, 2018 CBC article for further details:

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