Forced Sterilization Class Action: In the Media

March 7, 2018

Maurice Law has filed the suit against the Government of Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Athabasca Health Authority, and various doctors involved in the sterilization of Indigenous women.  For information about this class action please visit the Forced Sterilization Class Action Tab on our website. 

Lead counsel on the file, Associate Alisa Lombard, was recently in Colombia presenting to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in a hearing on the “Situation of Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Girls and Women in the Americas.” Her statement detailed the institutional discrimination present in Canada’s health care system and the serious and ongoing physical, mental, and spiritual harms suffered by the victims of unwanted sterilization.

This claim has garnered international media attention. You can find a selection of media coverage below.

For further and updated information on this claim, please click here

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